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Smartfee for Expats

As an accreditated mortgage consultant and financial advisor I have specialized myself in mortgages for expats too. I work independent and this means I can offer you a transparent and objective advice. Advice on mortgages should be transparent and clear. Therefor I offer you the possibility to work with me on a fee-based rate. If you prefer hourly rates, also this is possible. In a free orientating meeting I make an inventory of your possibilities. If you choose to work with me, I can offer choice from practically all lenders and insurers. Always with clear terms and conditions that are best suited for you. I will always look for the lowest interest rates under the best conditions.

Mortgages for Expats (Hypotheek Expat)

I want to offer unambiguous service. You will always have access to your own, personal digital consultancy portal. But I am always there for you to explain everything you want to know. And we also plan clear follow up appointments. How does applying for a mortgage work when buying a new house, i.e. first you need to bid on a house and then apply for a mortgage -> this is different to other countries.

Questions you might have, and I would love to answer to you:

  • What is National Mortgage Guarantee – what is it and how does it work?
  • 100% mortgage – when can you get it, how does it work?
  • Can I get more than the purchase price?
  • How much can a person borrow in the Netherlands – is it 5x the gross yearly income?
  • How much repayment per year – how much is it usually?
  • What costs are deductable when buying a house – and tax deductible interest?
  • Eligibility for getting a mortgage in the Netherlands for expats – especially in regard to the work and residency permits
  • Do you need a permanent contract or is it also possible with a temporary contract?

Expat Tax in the Netherlands

How does 30% tax regulation affects applying for a mortgage?

Who is eligible for the 30% regulation? If you are an employee working for a company registered with the Dutch tax office, paying payroll tax you are eligible for the 30% regulation. You must have been transferred from abroad or you have to be recruited abroad. You must have expertise that is not readily available in the Netherlands and for which a certain salary is required. If you are PhD or a Master’s graduate younger than 30 years less strict rules apply. There is also a minimum salary requirement, EUR 28,125 taxable. If the PhD was completed in the Netherlands, the requirement of ‘being recruited from abroad’ does not have to be met if the candidate is hired within a year of completing his or her studies. When you read this and you think, this is applicable for you? Then read carefully…..

30% rule, what does this mean? The gross income including vacation money added with extra income is multiplied by 1,12

On the employers sheet it says:
Gross income € 60.000,-
Vacation Money € 4.800,-

Measured income:
1. During the 30% regulation : 1,12 x (60.000 + 4.800) = € 72.576,-
2. After the 30% regulation : (60.000 + 4.800) = € 64.800,-

Possible loan towards income:
Also the interest rate is of importance to calculate the possible height of the mortgage.

With a measured interest of 2% approximately € 376.000,-
With a measured interest of 2,51% -> even € 390.000,-
NB: after the 30% regulation Loan to income € 321.000,-

The difference needs to be paid of during the 30% regulation period
Example, the 30% regulation period lasts 5 years -> the difference of € 55.000,- needs to be paid of extra in 5 years -> € 964 pm!

The duration of exemption of payroll tax is decided by the tax authorities.
For all decisions made after 01-01-2019 the maximum of the decision is 5 years. Factor 1,12 is extracted from the grossing factor -> Over the total income (100%) the factor 1,4 applies. During the 30% regulation, 30% of the gross income is exempted from tax. Indicating 30% x 1,4 plus 70% x 1 giving a total of 1,12 of the income.

Per 01-01-2019 the maximum duration of the 30% regulation has changed. Applicable for all decisions made after and before 01-01-2019 (with the exception of decisions before 01-01-2012 ->end date is equal to end date on the decision). When decided between 01-01-2012 and 01-01-2019 and the current end date in the decision is in: 2019 or 2020 – end date is equal to end date on the decision 2021, 2022 of 2023 – new end date is 31-12-20202024 or later – new end date is end date on the decision minus 3 year

I can totally understand If it dazzles now. And then you can contact me for help with mortgages for expats (Hypotheek Expat). I love to clarify everything and customize any solution to your specific situation.

Heb je vragen? We beantwoorden ze graag!

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Al 25 jaar is Corné Leenaars actief in de financiële wereld. Hij heeft ervaring in de bankwereld, bij mid-office organisaties en bij makelaars. Hij heeft zich verder gespecialiseerd in hypotheken. Er is geen hypotheekproduct dat Corné niet kent en via Smartfee kan hij de gewenste hypotheek ook bij alle partijen onderbrengen, waaronder de Duitse Volksbank. Smartfee is onafhankelijk en zal altijd kiezen voor de beste oplossing voor jou als klant. Persoonlijk financieel advies op maat. 


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